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Then and now

Thanks go to Thelma Hardie for sending us this old photo of a waterfall on the Kinness Burn. After a bit of searching we managed to identify the location beside the Botanic Gardens near Cockshaugh Park. From the clothing of the two children it looks to be about 1960.

Historic photos from St Andrews University Library

Thanks to the University of St Andrews Library we are now able to host images of the Lade Braes from their extensive photographic archive.

These photos were previously accessible from our site on the pages which they relate to. They are now part of our historic photos gallery.

Law Mill would still be a working mill in the photos of 1900. There are also two photos taken from almost identical spots (looking west towards Law Mill cottage) but 62 years apart.

These digital images are used courtesy of the University of St Andrews Library.

Helleborine Orchid

Patrick Marks kindly sent us these excellent photos of an unusual orchid which has been growing in the Lade Braes for several years. The Broad-leaved Helleborine (Epipactis Helleborine) is rarely found in Fife but is common further west and in England. Patrick says that this example is the first record of this plant in St Andrews! It normally flowers in late July but may not flower every year.

More historic photos

Thanks to the St Andrews Preservation Trust we have been able to add the following historic photographs from their collection.

The photo of the Law Mill wheel with a woman feeding the chickens is quite striking and evocative of the period. It’s a pity that milling had already stopped when this photo was taken.

The water pouring out of the harbour wall below the Shore Mill is coming out of the lade and began its journey 1.5 miles away at Law Mill.

These digital images are copyright © St Andrews Preservation Trust and are used with permission.

Links to historic photos added

Both the St Andrews University Photographic Archive and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland have some interesting old photos of the Lade Braes and the water mills, some as early as 1900. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce them on due to copyright restrictions, so I have added direct links to them from these pages: Lade Braes History, Denbrae Mill, Law Mill and New Mill.