Then and now

Thanks go to Thelma Hardie for sending us this old photo of a waterfall on the Kinness Burn. After a bit of searching we managed to identify the location beside the Botanic Gardens near Cockshaugh Park. From the clothing of the two children it looks to be about 1960.

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  1. Jill Balfour

    With regard to the name, Thelma Hardie, I wonder if she or anyone knows of a painter of Law Mill in the 1950s who signed paintings: D. HARDIE? My mother, whose grandmother lived at Law Mill, brought a painting of Law Mill to NZ in 1957 and had it framed here. I would be very grateful to anyone who knows about the painter and the year the painting may have been done. I can email a photo of the painting to anyone who gets in touch.

    Jill Balfour-Smith
    Mother Elspeth Balfour of St Andrews, father John Smith of Edinburgh.

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