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Fife Council announces £300,000 Lade Braes funding

Two years after the initial announcement on upgrading and resurfacing the Lade Braes footpath, Fife Council, in partnership with Sustrans, announce that £300,000 will be used to “upgrade the existing path, replace broken seats, improve signage, install new litter bins, provide solar lighting and carry out some minor tree work.”

Read the announcement here:

New views after logging

The conifer plantation on the south side of the Kinness Burn just west of New Mill has been felled. This used to belong to New Park School and there was a private bridge and footpath which led up to the school playing fields.

As well as changing the views at this part of the Lade Braes it will let much more light into this area.
According to this article in Fife Today, the New Park Educational Trust plan to replace the Stika spruce with native trees which will be more in keeping with the rest of the Lade Braes.

Forestry work

Aftermath of logging at the New Park plantation

Forestry work

Aftermath of logging at the New Park plantation

Have your say

Fife Council’s Community Projects Team is working on the project to improve the Lade Braes path, in partnership with Sustrans.

A drop-in consultation event will take place on Wednesday 15th August 2018 between 2pm and 7pm in St Andrews Library.

You can also fill out an online questionnaire to send Fife Council your views.

Details and the online form are available from

Upper Lade Braes to be resurfaced

Fife Council have announced plans to resurface the footpath from Little Carron all the way through to Cockshaugh Park. Parts of the path which are particularly narrow will be widened and there may also be improvements to rubbish bins, benches and signs. The Lade Braes will continue to be dual-use for pedestrians and cyclists.

Beech hedge removal

Fife Council have recently started work to remove the beech hedge and beech trees between the closed footpath and neighbouring properties at the open space near Law Mill. The beeches had been neglected for many years and not only overgrew the original footpath but were causing the path to break up. Unfortunately, the property owners now have some work to do on their fence as the hedge was supporting it!