Poem From the Past Found in ‘Forgotten Book’

Lade Braes – Autumn by Clement Bryce Gunn 1894

Alas for the happy harvest fields
And the pleasure now gone for aye,
And the friends of yore now seen no more
On the bonnie bright Summer day;
And the laughing breeze swept through the trees,
And the corn heaps kissed as it went,
Then on careered and the weary cheered
With the fragrance the fields had lent.

And merrily trickled th’ silver burn,
And how gaily the long corn waved
And the gentle beams in glowing streams
With gold liquid the full ears laved
And the winds still sweep and dews still weep
For the death of the Autumn day,
While weary and worn alone I mourn
For the old time now gone away.

And still they bury the golden seed
And then reap it in golden grain,
But the wild oats sown are quickly grown
And yield but wild harvest again;
And many one sighs and broken dies
For the chances of youth long lost
And seedtime gone; but mem'ry alone
Aye reminds of the bitter cost.

Bryce Gunn, C. (1894). Lays of St Andrews. St Andrews. Joseph Cook & Son. pg55-56

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