Partial footpath closure

Two large, ugly closure signs appeared back in March on the original lade footpath near Law Mill. While the signs declare the footpath to be closed, there is no physical barrier to using the path. We contacted Fife Council for details of the closure to find out if it was permanent or if there were works planned in the location. The council declined to comment so it’s possible that the signs are merely to avoid litigation or the requirement to repair the footpath.

1 thought on “Partial footpath closure

  1. MadMud

    Quite right – they ARE ugly, and they certainly don’t look temporary. The Lade Braes Walk has been going downhill (no pun intended) since the old chap who looked after it retired and wasn’t replaced, and the decision to allow bikes to use it has not improved the amenities for those of us who use it for a quiet stroll. Ah well – that’s progress!

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